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If you have stumbled upon our recent instagram/facebook/twitter posts or videos of many faces from all walks of life saying the word “Glory” and saying it so proudly, we understand your confusion. What is Glory baltimore ravens shop? and why is it all over the place? A friend actually asked if it was a church program. i laughed.. Its no fault of her’s especially in a culture where we attach specific words to specific things. For instance immediately the word offering comes to mind, we all think Church . That aside.

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Glory is basically a new unisex sports, lifestyle and fitness wing of Waterpark Sports.

The mission for Waterpark Sports has always remained clear ; To develop and sustain the passion of sports and life with our products and services. We believe sports is a powerful tool for social and character change and adjustment. We believe that, the beauty of the human spirit  is graciously demonstrated often through sports. The emotions, the lessons, milwaukee bucks shop the blood sweat and tears , the rivalries, the injuries , the downfalls, the comebacks . Really to us there is nothing like sports. That is why we channel our inner creativity to bring clarity and sanity to sports especially to the game of  basketball by providing the best apparel and gear for its players and also advocating strongly for social change and the passion for good living through either our social media platforms or on the microphone when we get to call games (that is always fun).

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At Waterpark sports , we truly stand for what we believe. We are not just here to make money or sell, we truly believe that nothing great comes out of a life that is not deliberately lived. We do not believe that life should be lived just anyhow . We believe life has meaning . We believe there’s a higher power and we believe there’s a right and wrong way to live. That is the genesis or the idea behind Glory . We believe that there’s no creation without a creator. We truly stand by this because it is said that if you don’t stand for anything, you fall for everything and God forbid we dare not go down like that custom football uniforms. We  truly believe the best kind of life is the one that inspires and ultimately gives Glory to the Almighty God. The same way we splurge to find the best available clothing to wear in order to feel good. We believe that life should be as beautiful as that piece clothing and ultimately God must feel good for making us in His image.

The Glory capsule consists of every possible piece of sports and fitness clothing we can possibly make . Vests,tank tops, t-shirts, shorts,  hoodies and many more which will be included down the lane.  It is not exclusive to any gender. If you’re not a sporty person you can take refuge in our lifestyle t-shirts and other casual apparels or even suit up for corporate sporting events with some of our products. When launched, they will be available in our brick and mortar (physical) store located at Mataheko ,near the Flamingo traffic lights . Just opposite YSB boutique or online at

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We understand our position in respect to the  fierce competition with leading sports apparel manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, under Armour etc. We hope to be as successful . But belief is what set us apart. We are not sure what all these brands truly believe, but we believe that if anything must be done, it must be done for His Glory Forever. So anytime you plan on going for that run , or hit the gym to lose that weight or get stronger or playing soccer, basketball, hockey etc. decide whether you want to do it for your self, or you want to do it for God’s glory because its easier to do things anyhow if its for selfish reasons. Doing it for the Glory of your maker demands hard work,sacrifice, grit, excellence, consistency , self control and confidence! That’s the spirit we are selling custom football uniforms. That’s the attitude we need to see in everyone who drapes themselves with this brand. Glory! .



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