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The Glory Road Meet up is an initiative by Waterpark sports to meet the soft skills needs of basketball players around the country. It is great to be a very good basketball player but it is even better to be a great person who can adjust to life on and off the court. For this reason,bayern munich store  we have set out to give coaches and organized basketball teams the chance to book the Glory Road team to meet up with their teams right at their training grounds to talk,discuss, motivate and encourage players to think and do better on and off the court.

Soft skills such as integrity, discipline, respect, teamwork, trust, handwork, grit, and many others are all attributes of a quality basketball player .At the same time these qualities should be taught to be transferred into different facets of an athletes life in order to be a successful person seahawks team store. Many young athletes already possess the qualities to succeed in anything they put their minds to. For eg. education,business, etc. We feel the need to teach and encourage them to

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“A strong belief exists that sports programs have the power to promote the development of sportsmanlike behaviors,ethical decision-making skills and a total curriculum for moral character development” – Stoll , 1995.

Is it good to lose games? Is winning everything? Is it OK to cheat as long as you win? What can you learn from losing games? How do you develop winning habits? These and many more social issues such as gender and sports, importance of formal education, marriage, family etc are the kind of  conversations we look to tackle during our meet ups washington football team store.

The culture of the game must be built on bright minds of players and coaches. This is what we want to do to help elevate the game of basketball in the country. Its good to play the game but its equally important to think the game!

We hope to meet you and your team soon!Let’s grow together!

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PS: To book a meet up with us or volunteer as a Glory Road Team member ,  custom basketball jerseys call 0205844660/0242835523 or email us on waterparkgroup@gmail.com Call same numbers or follow our Instagram page @waterparksports for more details.

Thank you!

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