Don’t just play, use the game of basketball as a tool to upgrade yourself to become a winner in life. They say “Life is full of challenges” , well basketball is full of challenges too.
You have a game, that is a miniature of life, use that as training grounds for your real life battles. Look to learn important lessons like trust, self control, patience , selflessness, humility , ambition, hard work, respect, perseverance, etc and all the good qualities of the game. Try to be better at every game. It doesn’t matter where or who you’re playing. Improve yourself in ways that can affect your life outside the basketball court.
That is what the game means to me. That is my approach to the game. So if you ever catch me going harder than everybody, having the biggest heart on the floor, going  pass my body limit, you should know that is what I’m doing, I’m trying to win the game and more importantly I’m trying to win in life. #BasketballAsATool #WaterParkSports #Winner



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